What is another word for reexamine?

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The word "reexamine" is commonly used to indicate an action of looking again or revisiting an issue, idea, or topic. However, other synonyms can be used to express similar meanings. For instance, "reassess" can be used to indicate reviewing something again to determine its worth, value, or quality. "Reconsider" is another synonym that means to think again about something that has been previously thought or decided. "Review" can be used to examine, study, or scrutinize something more than once. "Rethink" is a synonym used to indicate a renewed consideration of an idea or view. These synonyms can be used interchangeably with "reexamine" to convey similar ideas.

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    Reconsidering what we know can be the beginning of a new journey, one that we may not have considered before. In order to do this, we must first start by admitting that what we know may not be the complete story. As we start to explore and question what we believe, we may be surprised to find that what we once thought was true may not necessarily be. This is the process of reexamination.

    When we reexamine our beliefs, our assumptions, and our prejudices, we can discover new perspectives that we may not have considered before. We may also be able to correct errors and correct our course.

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