What is another word for reforms?

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Reforms are essential changes implemented by individuals, organizations or even governments to improve the existing system. Several synonyms exist for the word 'reforms,' each carrying a slightly different meaning. Innovation, renovation, improvement, alteration, and transformation are some of the most common synonyms for reforms. Other possible words that can replace the word 'reforms' include reconstruction, modification, revision, and conversion. All these words signify a significant change from the current state of affairs and the introduction of a new and improved system or way of doing things. The choice of synonym will depend on the specific context and objective of the proposed changes.

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    How to use "Reforms" in context?

    in Egypt

    Egypt is in the midst of a variety of domestic and international reforms that aim to modernize and improve the situation for the citizens of Egypt. These reforms have been ongoing for the past five years, and have been met with mixed reactions from the Egyptian people. The Cairo Protocol, ratified in April 2011, outlined the goals of the reforms and their expected timeframe. The reforms encompass a number of different areas, including liberalizing the economy, reforming the education system, shrinking the size of the government, and increasing freedom of expression.

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