What is another word for refrigeration?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪfɹˌɪd͡ʒəɹˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Refrigeration is a vital aspect of modern living. The process of keeping things cool has become a necessity for preserving food, medicine and other perishable items. Nevertheless, there are many synonyms for refrigeration that have become commonplace in daily language. One such term is cooling, which refers to the reduction of temperature to a lower level. Another synonym is chilling, which pertains to the process of cooling for the purpose of freezing and storage. In addition, preservation is often used to describe refrigeration, highlighting the importance of maintaining the quality and freshness of food and other perishable goods. Overall, these synonyms show the importance and diversity of refrigeration in modern times.

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What are the opposite words for refrigeration?

Refrigeration refers to the process of cooling or preserving something. However, there are a few antonyms for this word that describe actions opposite to refrigeration. These antonyms include heating, warming, and thawing. Heating refers to the process of increasing the temperature of a substance, object, or environment. Warming refers to the process of making something feel warmer, usually for the purpose of comfort. Thawing refers to the process of melting or softening something that has been frozen. While these antonyms may not directly relate to refrigeration, they describe processes that have the opposite effect of cooling or preserving.

What are the antonyms for Refrigeration?

Usage examples for Refrigeration

Aside from the question of speed, however, it is probable that the two inventions which have added most to the passengers' comfort are the electric light and artificial refrigeration.
"American Merchant Ships and Sailors"
Willis J. Abbot
Hippocrates thought it was for the nutrition and refrigeration of the innate heat, Aristotle for its ventilation, Erasistratus for the filling of the arteries with spirits.
"Fathers of Biology"
Charles McRae
They have the characteristic flavor of refrigeration."
"The Model of a Judge"
William Morrison

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