What is another word for reich?

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The German word "reich" can be translated into English as "rich", "wealthy" or "powerful". However, there are many other synonyms that may be used to describe a person, country or organization with wealth or power. These include terms such as "prosperous", "affluent", "opulent", "influential", "dominant", "prestigious", "impressive", "commanding" and "authoritative". Choosing the right word to describe wealth or power will depend on the context and intended meaning, but a varied vocabulary will help to add nuance and depth to descriptions of businesses, individuals or countries with significant economic or political resources.

Synonyms for Reich:

How to use "Reich" in context?

One of the most misunderstood words in the English language is "reich." It is commonly thought to have negative connotations, such as meaning "rich" or "powerful." However, the word has a much deeper and richer meaning than that. It is derived from the German word "Reich," which means "empire." A reich is not simply a collection of wealth or power; it is a system of government that is controlled by a single leader or a few leaders. In other words, a reich is a system in which the people are ruled by a powerful elite.

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