What is another word for reintegrated?

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The word reintegrated can be replaced with numerous synonyms depending on the context. In the context of a community, some synonyms for reintegrated include reconnected, reunited, or reconciled. If discussing a person, the word reintegrated could be replaced with recovered, restored, or rehabilitated. In a technological context, synonyms for reintegrated may include synced, integrated, or unified. The word can also be replaced with reconciled, reconstituted, reintroduced, or accepted. Essentially, the word reintegrated means to restore something back to its original state, and there are many words that can convey the same meaning depending on the specific context used.

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    How to use "Reintegrated" in context?

    Reintegrated is a term used to describe someone or something who has been returned to society after a period of incarceration. It can also refer to the act of restoring someone or something back to their original state. Reintegrating someone into society can be a difficult process, but is often necessary in order to help them rebuild their life.

    The reintegration of prisoners into society is a sensitive issue, and one that is often fraught with difficulty. Many prisoners are not equipped to function in society after being away from it for so long.

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