What is another word for reiteration?

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Reiteration means the act of repeating something, often unnecessarily. Synonyms for this term can include repetition, restatement, recapitulation, iteration, renewal, and duplicity. The use of synonyms adds variety to one's writing by reducing redundancy and creating a more engaging reading experience for the audience. Some other synonyms that can be used for reiteration include rehearsal, reprise, recital, rehash, and duplication. These can be used effectively to emphasize a point and convey its importance. Using synonyms also helps to avoid monotony and keeps the audience engaged with the content. Overall, the use of synonyms for the word reiteration can help to enhance the effectiveness and clarity of the message being conveyed.

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How to use "Reiteration" in context?

Repeating a phrase or a thought often helps us remember it better. Psychologists call this phenomenon "reiteration" and it is one of the most powerful tools we have for learning. Repeating a thought or phrase often improves its chances of being encoded into our memories.

Repeating a thought or phrase also helps us build on what we have already learned. By expanding on what we already know, we create a stronger foundation upon which we can build new knowledge.

Finally, repetition also helps us form associations between different ideas. When we repeatedly associates one thought or phrase with another, it becomes easier to recall both.

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