What is another word for reparation?

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Reparation is a word that can mean compensation for a wrong that has been committed. Synonyms for reparation include restitution, compensation, reimbursement, and indemnification. Restitution refers to the act of returning something that was taken or lost. Compensation is a form of payment that is meant to make up for damages or losses that were incurred. Reimbursement refers to receiving payment for expenses that were paid out of pocket. Indemnification is a legal term used to describe an agreement where one party agrees to pay another party for losses or damages. Whatever the word used, it always involves the idea of making amends for something that has been done wrong.

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Repairing something can mean a number of things depending on the object being repaired. In most cases, repairing something means bringing it back to its original condition. Sometimes, repairing something means fixing it so that it works correctly once again. Repairing something can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it can also be a rewarding one.

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