What is another word for repellent?

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Repellent is an adjective that describes something that puts people off due to its unpleasantness or unattractiveness. Luckily, there are several other synonyms that can be used to describe such things. Words like disgusting, revolting, repulsive, offensive, nauseating, and abhorrent can be used to describe something that people find repellent. Other synonyms include obnoxious, detestable, undesirable, and unwelcome. When something seems and smells bad, it can be described as odoriferous or malodorous. If something is particularly unappealing, it can be labeled as loathsome or abominable. By using synonyms like these, you can better convey the intensity of your dislike for something that you find repellent.

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How to use "Repellent" in context?

There are a number of repellents you can use to keep mosquitoes away. Some products, such as DEET, are effective for many hours. Others, such as oil of citronella, are more effective when used as a repellent before activities that may expose you to mosquitoes, such as sleeping or working outside.

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