What is another word for reports?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪpˈɔːts] (IPA)

Reports are an essential aspect of working in any field as they provide information and data about various aspects of a project, an organization, or an event. However, the term "reports" can become monotonous and repetitive. In such cases, it is crucial to find alternative words that convey the same meaning. Synonyms for reports include findings, analysis, assessments, evaluations, summaries, reviews, records, bulletins, updates, and accounts. These words can be used in writing and communication to add variety and interest to your work. By using different synonyms, you can communicate the same information in a new and exciting way, making your message more impactful and interesting.

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What are the hypernyms for Reports?

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Usage examples for Reports

She said that if any reports of rough playing were brought to her she would 'deal severely with the offender.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
This is not the first time I have received such reports of you.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
The other reporters asked many questions, the reports of which I have not seen since.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

Famous quotes with Reports

  • Well, the reports are correct that we're conducting very robust military operations on the Afghan side of the border in areas where we think al-Qaida is operating and Taliban remnants are.
    John Abizaid
  • The anger in the Brigade against those who fought the Republic in the rear was sharpened by reports of weapons, even tanks, being kept from the front and hidden for treacherous purposes.
    Bill Alexander
  • Our reports about civilian casualties here, about the resistance of the Iraqi forces, are going back to the United States. It helps those who oppose the war when you challenge the policy to develop their arguments.
    Peter Arnett
  • There has been much talk referencing what I consider conceptual reports like the Landscape of Choice and documents created as a result of the Great Valley Center.
    Alan Autry
  • The Inspector General issued six reviews and reports on actions taken based on provisions of the act. In those six reports, the IG found that not one violation of an individual's civil liberties - a total of zero - had taken place since the act was instituted.
    Jo Bonner

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