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Reprieve is a word that usually refers to the cancellation or postponement of a negative situation or punishment. There are many synonyms that can be used to express this idea. Some examples include respite, relief, pardon, amnesty, remission, suspension, and mitigation. All of these words convey the idea of a temporary relief from something negative. A respite implies a short break from something taxing or exhausting. Relief suggests a release from something burdensome or stressful. A pardon is a forgiveness of a wrongdoing or crime. Amnesty refers to a formal pardon granted by a government. Remission suggests a temporary reduction of a punishment or disease. Suspension suggests a halting or interruption of something. Mitigation suggests a lessening of a negative situation.

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Many people misunderstand the word "reprieve." They think it means to set someone free from a sentence, punishment, or obligation. However, the word actually has a much broader meaning. "Revenue" is an excellent example of a word that has a different meaning when used in business than when used in everyday conversation. "Revenue" refers to the money that is generated by selling products or services. In business, "reprieve" is used to describe a time when a company is allowed to temporarily stop selling products or services so that it can reorganize its operations. This can be helpful in times of financial stress.

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