What is another word for reprinting?

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Reprinting is the process of producing new copies of a book or other written material. However, there are several other similar terms that are often used interchangeably with reprinting. One such term is "reissue," which refers to the release of an already published work in a new edition or format. Another synonym for reprinting is "republishing," which involves bringing back a previously published work that has been out of print. "Re-edition," "reimpression," and "reprint edition" are other synonymous terms used in the book publishing industry. In essence, reprinting involves the reproduction of a previously published material and relaunching it in a new format.

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How to use "Reprinting" in context?

Reprinting refers to the act of reprinting material that has already been published. It can refer to the photocopying or printing of material, or the republication of an article in a different form or medium. The purpose of reprinting material is to make it available to a new audience, often at a lower costs than if it were to be newly published.

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