What is another word for Requiring?

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The term "requiring" essentially means "needing" or "demanding." There are several synonyms for this word, including "necessitating," "demanding," "compelling," "obligating," and "calling for." Each of these words convey a sense of urgency or importance in the task or action that is necessary. "Necessitating" implies a need for something to happen, while "demanding" and "compelling" suggest a greater level of insistence. "Obligating" has a connotation of duty or responsibility, while "calling for" emphasizes the need or requirement for action. These synonyms can be useful in conveying a sense of urgency or importance in various contexts, from formal writing to everyday conversation.

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    Broken Glass

    Requiring broken glass in a place is a way to ensure that glass is not easily stolen. Requiring glass makes it more difficult for a thief to take the glass without being detected. If broken glass is not required, then it becomes much easier for a thief to take the glass without getting caught.

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