What is another word for requisitioned?

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The word "requisitioned" refers to the action of officially demanding or requesting something to be provided. There are many synonyms for this word, including "commandeered," "appropriated," "seized," "confiscated," "claimed," "commanded," "ordered," "requested," "demanded," and "procured." Each of these words conveys a sense of authority or urgency, emphasizing the importance of obtaining the required item. Whether one is requisitioning military supplies for a mission or simply asking for office supplies, there are many different ways to express this need in language, each with its own connotations and nuances. Understanding the various ways to use and interpret these synonyms can help improve communication and convey the intended message more clearly.

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How to use "Requisitioned" in context?

The word "requisitioned" refers to a specific type of government seizure. This seizure is conducted without a court order and without the owner's consent. Government agencies can requisition assets or property for public use without notifying the owner. The purpose of requisitioning is to meet a pressing need without involving the courts. This seizure can be disruptive to the owner's business.

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