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Resentful is a feeling of bitterness or anger towards someone or something. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of resentful, such as angry, indignant, or annoyed. Envious, jealous, and grudgeful can also be used to describe feelings of resentment. Other synonyms include bitter, rancorous, and hostile. When trying to communicate one's negative feelings towards someone or something, it is important to use the appropriate words that accurately convey one's emotions. By using different synonyms, particularly when writing or speaking, we can bring variety and nuance to our language and express ourselves more precisely.

Similar words: resent, anger, negativity, bitterness, grudge, animosity, animosity between two people

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    Resentment is a poisonous emotion that can build over time and often manifests as a feeling of bitterness and anger. It can be directed towards people or circumstances, and can have a damaging effect on relationships.

    People can frustrate us, make us angry, or trigger memories of painful past experiences, and all of these factors can contribute to the development of resentment. Over time, resentful thoughts and feelings can morph into a full-blown resentment habit, which can impact everything from our personal relationships to our work and social life.

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