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Resident is a common term used to describe people who live or stay in a particular place for an extended period. There are various synonyms for the word 'resident' which include occupant, habitant, dweller, inhabitant, tenant, lodger, residentiary, settler, and denizen. The term occupant is mostly used to indicate a person residing in a household or owned property. A habitan typically refers to someone living in a particular region or locality. Dweller conveys a sense of someone who inhabits a particular space, while inhabitant conveys a sense of someone who lives in a particular place by choice. A tenant and lodger are generally used to describe individuals renting spaces or accommodations. Finally, a settler refers to someone who establishes a home in a new place while denizen denotes a resident of a place.

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How to use "Resident" in context?

Someone who lives in a particular place is called a resident. When it comes to residency requirements for certain sorts of jobs, being a resident is a plus. This means that you have been in the area for a set amount of time, usually six months or more. In some cases, you may only need to be a resident for a certain amount of time before you can work in that location.

Being a resident can come in handy if you want to take advantage of certain services that the area has to offer. These services might include free or reduced-price healthcare, free or reduced-price education, or subsidized housing.

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