What is another word for restating?

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Restating is a common practice in writing that involves rephrasing an idea or a sentence in a different manner, while maintaining the same meaning. Synonyms for the word "restating" include "rephrasing," "paraphrasing," "rewording," "reiterating," "recasting," "summarizing," "clarifying," "rephrased," "putting it another way," "putting it differently," "retelling," "re-expressing," and "expressing in different words." The use of synonyms for "restating" can help writers avoid repetition and make their writing more interesting and engaging. These synonyms also allow writers to convey the same message in different ways, which can be particularly useful when trying to reach a diverse audience or when writing for different purposes.

How to use "Restating" in context?

The word "restating" can be used in a number of ways. It can be used to present information in a different light, to emphasize a particular point, or to provide additional information. In legal terms, restating a statement is often used to help clarify it.

For example, if you were to dispute a bill you had paid, your adversary might question your statement by restating it in different words, in an effort to prove that you never actually paid the bill.

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