What is another word for revere?

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Revere is a verb that means to have respect and admiration for someone or something. Some of the synonyms for this word include admire, honor, venerate, respect, worship, adore, esteem, cherish, idolize, and exalt. Each of these words highlights a different aspect of the respect and admiration that is meant by the word revere. For example, admire and respect can be used to describe a general feeling of appreciation towards someone, while venerate and worship imply a deeper level of religious or spiritual reverence. Regardless of the exact word chosen, the synonyms for revere all convey a sense of high regard and reverence.

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How to use "Revere" in context?

The word "revere" comes from the Old French word "rever," meaning "to respect." In medieval Europe, religious veneration was a way of showing respect to God or a higher power. Religious practitioners and scholars were often venerated because they held sacred knowledge. People would often dress in expensive clothes and make offerings to these individuals in order to show their respect. Veneration was often done in public to make a statement about how important the person was. Kings, queens, and other important figures were often venerated in order to gain their favor and protection.

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