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Rhus is a genus of about 250 species, including deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees. Its most common name is sumac, a term that refers to several species that grow in North America and the Mediterranean. Other synonyms for Rhus include velvet sumac, winged sumac, stag's horn sumac, aromatic sumac, smooth sumac, and poison sumac. Poison sumac is a poisonous plant that grows in swamps and wetlands and can cause a severe rash upon contact with skin. Despite its toxic properties, many Rhus species have been used for medicinal purposes, including treating inflammation, diarrhea, and fever. Additionally, sumac has culinary uses in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, where it is used as a spice for its tangy flavor.

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How to use "Rhus" in context?

Rhus is a genus of about 80 woody species of flowering plants in the family Anacardiaceae. The genus is distributed mainly in warmer parts of the world, and many species are used in traditional medicine. Most species are small trees or shrubs, but some are tall trees. Their bark is rough, scaly, or red-brown in color, and their leaves are simple and alternate, with a serrated margin. The flowers are small and white, and the seeds are small and winged.

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