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Ribes is a genus of shrubs and small trees in the family Grossulariaceae. The word 'ribes' has several synonyms that are often used interchangeably in botany and horticulture. The most common synonym is Currant, which is often used to refer to the edible fruit produced by members of the genus Ribes. Other synonyms for Ribes include gooseberry, jostaberry, and blackcurrant. Gooseberry is another commonly used term and refers specifically to the fruits of the European varieties of Ribes, while jostaberry is a hybrid between Ribes nigrum and Ribes uva-crispa. Lastly, blackcurrant is a specific species of Ribes that is widely cultivated for its flavorful fruits. In summary, the word 'Ribes' has several synonyms that refer to the different types of shrubs and small trees in the genus and the fruits they produce.

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The Iriqes were a proudly independent people who inhabited the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains from about 3000 BC to 500 BC. Their territory ranged from the present-day Ecuadorian provinces of Azuay and Loja to the Colombian province of Sucre. The Iriqes were one of the tribes referred to in the Bible as the "Children of Israel."

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