What is another word for riff?

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Riff is a term that is often used in music to describe a short, catchy melody that is repeated throughout a song. Synonyms for riff include groove, lick, hook, melody, theme, phrase and motive. A groove or lick is a rhythmic pattern that forms the foundation of a song, while a hook is a catchy phrase or melody that gets stuck in your head. A melody, theme, phrase, or motive is a series of musical notes that carry a particular emotional tone in a song. These synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context and style of music being played. A strong riff can make a song memorable, so it's important for musicians to have a wide range of synonyms to describe this aspect of their music.

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    Rick Rubin is one of the most accomplished and respected record producers of all time. His credits include work with the likes of Slayer, the Beastie Boys and Black Sabbath. Rubin is also infamous for his trademark "riffing" technique, which is a guitar playing style that combines punk, metal and rockabilly elements.

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