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The word "rig" has several different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. As a verb, it can mean to manipulate or tamper with something in an unfair manner, such as rigging a game or an election. It can also mean to outfit or equip something, such as rigging a sailboat or rigging a set for a play or movie. As a noun, it can refer to a piece of equipment or machinery used in drilling for oil or gas. Synonyms for the word "rig" include terms like fix, manipulate, outfit, set up, and equip, depending on the specific meaning of the word being used in a given context.

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    The rig is the basic working unit on a drilling rig. It is usually composed of the drilling unit, the Derrick, the Turbine, and the Cage. The drilling unit is the highest point on the rig, and it is equipped with drills, rotary drill bits, and other tools to drill down into the ground. The Derrick is a large vertical engine that uses steam, air, or water to turn a large screw, which moves the drilling unit forward. The Turbine, or engine room, is below the Derrick and powers the Cage, which vertical arm raises and lowers the drills and other tools used in the drilling process.

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