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Righteous is a word that means morally good or upright, and there are several synonyms for it. Some of these synonyms include virtuous, ethical, just, honest, fair, and upright. Virtuous refers to people who uphold high moral standards and are moral examples for others to follow. Ethical refers to people who follow ethical principles and are guided by a strong sense of morality. Just refers to people who are fair in their actions and decisions and who believe in the concept of justice. Honest refers to people who are truthful and sincere in their actions and words. Fair refers to people who show equity and fairness in all their dealings. Upright refers to people who are honorable and do what is right.

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The word "righteous" is derived from the Old English word " righteous ," meaning "conforming to the moral code or standards of conduct as laid down by God or a religious authority." In general usage, the word "righteous" can be used to describe anyone or anything that behaves in a proper and respectable manner, whether or not they have actually done anything to deserve acclaim. When used to describe someone or something, the adjective "righteous" often implies that the person or thing is good, pure, and innocent.

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