What is another word for Righting?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈa͡ɪtɪŋ] (IPA)

Righting is a term that is often associated with correcting or rectifying a mistake or an error. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of this word in order to convey a similar or related meaning. Some of the synonyms for righting include repairing, fixing, mending, adjusting, restoring, remedying, resolving, and balancing. Each of these synonyms highlights a different aspect of what it means to right something, whether it is the act of repairing a physical object, adjusting a situation to make it better, or restoring balance to a situation that has become unbalanced. Using these synonyms can add variety to one's writing and help to convey a more precise meaning.

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Usage examples for Righting

I wondered at the towns we passed through, and if, in each village we went by, there were others Righting the same fears and watching beside their beloveds.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
As it sways from side to side, they gesture as if Righting it.
"The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians"
Clark Wissler
The Righting on the previous night had covered a wide area, but a good many of the wounded had been brought back.
"The Soul of the War"
Philip Gibbs

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