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Rigor is a word commonly used to describe something that is very strict, harsh, or demanding. It can refer to a standard of excellence, a method of testing or evaluation, or a way of approaching a task or problem. Some synonyms for rigor include strictness, stringency, severity, exactness, precision, thoroughness, and completeness. These words all convey a sense of intensity or rigor, indicating that something is being taken very seriously and is being pursued with great diligence and attention to detail. Whether it's a scientific study, a testing procedure, or simply a difficult task, rigor is essential to achieving success and meeting high standards.

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    Rigor is one of the cardinal virtues in the Roman Catholic Church. It is the quality of being rigorous, strict, or severe in one's actions or observances. In English, it is often used metaphorically to describe the quality of being thorough, severe, or demanding.

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