What is another word for rivets?

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Rivets are fasteners that are used to hold two pieces of metal or other materials together securely. The word "rivet" can be used as a noun or a verb, and there are several synonyms that can be used in place of this word. Some synonyms for the word "rivet" include bolt, stud, nail, screw, tack, and peg. These words all refer to similar fasteners that have different shapes and sizes. No matter which synonym is used, the important thing is to ensure that the fastener is strong enough to hold the materials together securely.

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How to use "Rivets" in context?

Hundreds of years ago, rivets were used toattach metal pieces together. Today, they're used morefor decorative purposes. Rivets come in a rangeof sizes and colors, and can be attached to fabric, wood, or othermaterials. They're also used to keep clothes together, and for decoration.

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