What is another word for roadworks?

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There are many synonyms for the word "roadworks" that can be used to describe the ongoing construction and maintenance of roads. Some common synonyms include construction work, road building, infrastructure development, road improvement, and repair work. Other alternative terms include pavement repair, street maintenance, highway construction, and roadway rehabilitation. No matter what term is used, the idea remains the same - the process of repairing, improving, or building roads to ensure smooth driving conditions. Roadworks are an important part of maintaining the safety and efficiency of roadways and are necessary to keep travelers and drivers safe on the road.

How to use "Roadworks" in context?

A road work is an activity that is usually carried out by a government or public body to improve the condition of a road. Many times, these activities are necessary after an updated judgement from an engineer. In some cases, a road work may be necessary due to climate change.

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