What is another word for rodent?

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Rodents are a category of small mammals that possess sharp front teeth for gnawing, as well as strong jaws and cheeks. Several synonyms are available for describing these animals. The most common synonym is "vermin," which typically refers to destructive pests. Other synonyms include "pest," "critter," and "varmint." Certain rodents, like rats and mice, can be particularly invasive, causing damage to homes, gardens, and crops. Other types of rodents include hamsters, squirrels, and guinea pigs, which are common pets. Despite their negative connotations, rodents play a critical ecological role in their respective habitats and are an essential component of many food webs.

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    Rodents are small, mostly furred, mammals that typically have strong dexterous hands and feet. The most common rodents are the rodent family, members of which include the mouse, rat, and squirrel. Rats, mice, and squirrels are the main predators of Bugs, ticks, and other small vermin. Rodents eat a variety of foods, but their main diet is plant material.

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