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Roil is a word that means to disturb, stir up, or agitate. There are many synonyms for the word roil, each with its own connotations and shades of meaning. Some possible synonyms for roil include churn, boil, agitate, swirl, ripple, disturb, unsettle, ruffle, vex, provoke, excite, stimulate, and more. Specifically, the word churn refers to the process of stirring something until it becomes a creamy consistency, while boil implies the heating of a liquid until it is bubbling. On the other hand, agitate has a broader sense of disturbing or shaking up, while ripple suggests gentle fluctuation or undulation. The choice of synonym depends on context and desired effect, but all convey a sense of disturbance.

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Roil is a geological term for a series of folds in the earth's surface, generally caused by a single event such as a fault line. When a roil is viewed from the air, it typically appears as a series or globular shape.

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