What is another word for rood-tree?

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Rood-tree is a word from Old English that refers to a tall, upright tree with a straight trunk. Although not commonly used today, there are several synonyms for this term. One alternative is the word "banner-staff," which describes a tall pole used to display flags or banners. Another term that can be used as a synonym for rood-tree is "staff-tree," which refers to a slender, straight tree that can be used as a walking stick. Additionally, the words "mast" or "pole" can be a substitute for rood-tree, especially when referring to the tall, straight trunk of a ship's mast or flagpole.

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    The rood-tree, also called the Holy Tree, is a unique and venerable oak tree in the Forester's Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Legend has it that the Rood-tree is consecrated to the Holy Cross, from which the vine of the tree takes its name. The Rood-tree is recognised worldwide as an important ornamental tree and is the national tree of The Netherlands.

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