What is another word for roster?

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When it comes to scheduling employees, a roster is a must-have tool for any organization. However, using the same words repeatedly can become monotonous and boring. Therefore, having synonyms for the word "roster" can allow you to add a bit of variety and fun to your scheduling. A few synonyms for "roster" include staff list, duty chart, schedule, employee calendar, shift timetable, and work plan. All of these words acknowledge the same purpose, which is to allocate employees to specific duties based on their availability and skills. By using synonyms for "roster," you can switch things up and keep your employees engaged and energized.

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    Roster is a tool that baseball teams use to keep track of their players. The name comes from the French word "reserve", meaning "a list". A roster is a list of players who are available to play in a game. The roster is used to assign players to the starting lineup, the bullpen, and the bench.

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