What is another word for routinely?

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[ ɹuːtˈiːnli], [ ɹuːtˈiːnli], [ ɹ_uː_t_ˈiː_n_l_i]

Routinely is a word that indicates a particular action or habit that is performed on a daily or regular basis. It is often used to describe tasks that are done as a matter of course, without much thought or effort. Some synonyms for routinely include habitually, regularly, consistently, recurrently, normally, usually, frequently, and systematically. Other words that can be used to describe actions that are done routinely include traditionally, commonly, and ordinarily. It is important to use synonyms for routinely to add variety to your writing and to avoid repetition. By using different words to describe routine actions, you can add interest and nuance to your writing.

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    How to use "Routinely" in context?

    When people talk about 'routinely', they often mean performing a certain action or series of actions without thinking. This is especially common when a person is performing a task that is common and necessary. For instance, a person who routinely brushes their teeth would not have to think about things like how to do it or where to find a toothbrush. They would simply do it and move on.

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