What is another word for royalist?

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Synonyms for "royalist" acknowledge an individual or group of individuals who support the concept of royalty or a monarchy. Synonyms for "royalist" include monarchist, loyalist, supporter, pro-royalist and traditionalist. These terms are often used interchangeably with "royalist" as they express a sense of reverence towards the monarchy. Monarchist refers to a person who believes in the principle of monarchy or supports a monarch as head of state. Loyalist refers to a person who is loyal to their country's government, especially in times of crisis. Supporter means an individual who endorses a particular cause or organization. Pro-royalist describes a person who actively advocates for the continuation of a monarchy. Traditionalist denotes a person who adheres to traditional beliefs, customs, and values.

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    How to use "Royalist" in context?

    In the late 18th century, the term "royalist" was used to describe anyone who supported the House of Stuart monarchy in England. The Stuarts were a ruling family that had reigned for over 250 years. They were originally from Scotland, but had moved to England in the 16th century. Over the years, the monarchy had become very unpopular, and there had been numerous uprisings against it. Some people in the Parliament wanted to abolish the monarchy altogether, while others wanted to create a more democratic system. The Stuarts were a very unpopular ruling family, and many people in England wanted to see them overthrown.

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