What is another word for rudder?

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The word "rudder" commonly refers to the movable part in the rear of a vessel that helps control its direction. However, there are several other words that can be used in place of "rudder" to describe this important tool. One alternative is "tiller," which is often found on smaller boats and consists of a long handle that the helmsman uses to steer the vessel. "Steering oar" is another synonym, which is a type of rudder used on ancient ships and wooden rowboats. Other options include "helm" or "steering wheel" which are devices used on larger vessels to control the rudder.

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    Rudder pedals are located in the cockpit of a airplane to control the aircraft's heading. They are attached to a shaft that turns the rudder pedals. The rudder pedals are usually connected to the steering column, which is a long, vertical bar that extends from the cockpit to the front of the plane.

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