What is another word for rug?

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A rug is a common household item found in almost every room. It provides comfort and helps to keep feet warm on a cold day. However, the word rug can be replaced with other synonyms such as carpet, mat, runner, pad, or floor covering. A carpet is a large area rug primarily used in living or family rooms. A mat is a smaller rug placed at a doorway to prevent dirt or mud from entering a room. A runner is an elongated rug placed in hallways or on staircases. A pad is a thin cushion to add extra comfort underneath a rug. Lastly, floor covering is a general term for any material placed over a floor.

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    A rug is a floor covering made from a large number of small pieces of cloth or yarn, typically fashioned into a flat, rectangular or square cloth. They are commonly used in areas where foot traffic is constant such as commercial and institutional premises, as well as the home.

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