What is another word for run-up?

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Run-up is a term commonly used in business, sports, and politics to describe a period of time leading up to an important event. Some synonyms for run-up include the words preparation, buildup, and lead-up. These words all describe the process of getting ready for an important event in advance. Other synonyms for run-up include the phrases countdown, anticipatory phase, and pre-event timeframe. Whatever word or phrase is used, the meaning remains the same - a period of preparation and anticipation leading up to an important moment. Whether it's preparing for an election or gearing up for a big sports game, a successful run-up can make all the difference.

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    How to use "Run-up" in context?

    The "run-up" to an investment is an important time period in which a company releases new information to potential investors in order to garner their support. This period can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and it is during this time that a company will release earnings, price targets, and other key information in order to attract new investors. During the run-up, companies may also make strategic deals, release new products, or make key hires in order to engender trust and further build support from potential investors.

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