What is another word for runt?

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The word "runt" typically refers to the smallest or weakest animal in a litter. However, there are several alternative words that can be used to describe this concept. For example, the terms "rascal," "scamp," or "mischief-maker" can be used to refer to a small and possibly troublesome creature. Additionally, words like "puny," "tiny," or "undersized" can be used to describe a smaller-than-average animal or object. For more clinical language, terms like "runt of the litter," "runt pig," or "runt calf" may be used to describe a specific type of small animal. Ultimately, the word "runt" can be replaced with a variety of synonyms that convey a similar meaning.

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How to use "Runt" in context?

The word "runt" is derived from the Old Norse word "runt", meaning "little." The Oxford English Dictionary defines a "runt" as "A small, weak, or otherwise inferior animal." This definition is based on the idea that a "runt" is an animal that is inferior or not up to par in comparison to its peers. In other words, a "runt" is a creature that is not able to compete or succeed in comparison to others. There are many different definitions of what makes a "runt" and there is no one specific definition that is universally accepted.

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