What is another word for sabbat?

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Sabbat is a term that has been used for many centuries to describe religious gatherings, rituals and celebrations. Though it has its roots in pagan traditions, today it is used in a variety of religious and spiritual contexts. As such, there are a number of synonyms for the word sabbat that reflect the different religious and spiritual traditions where it is used. Some of these synonyms include festival, ceremony, worship, observance, ritual, and gathering. Each of these words speaks to the unique nature of the religious or spiritual practice that the sabbat is associated with, and helps to define its significance within the broader context of that tradition.

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How to use "Sabbat" in context?

Sabbats are observed by many religious groups as a time to honour and celebrate the divine. The word sabbath derives from the Hebrew word shabbat, meaning "rest." Jews observe seven days of rest each week, called Shabbat. Christians observe Sunday as the Sabbath. Some other religious groups observe other days of the week as sabbaths.

There are many traditions associated with sabbats. Some people observe sabbats to honour particular gods or spirits. Others believe that sabbaths are powerful times to commune with nature and to work on spiritual matters.

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