What is another word for sabines?

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The word "Sabines" is a proper noun that refers to an ancient people of central Italy. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of this word, depending on the context. One synonym is "Sabinians," which refers to the same group of people but is less commonly used. Another synonym is "Samnites," which refers to a related group of people who lived in the same region of Italy. Finally, the word "Italians" can also be used as a synonym for Sabines, as they were one of the constituent groups that made up the ancient population of Italy. Overall, these synonyms provide alternative ways to refer to this ancient group of people in writing and conversation.

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    Sabines are people of the Mediterranean basin who trace their roots back to the ancient cities of Troy and Sardis.

    The word sabine derives from the ancient Greek word for "shepherd." Over time, the term was applied to people from the cities of Troy and Sardis, which were both rich in sheep and wool production. The Greeks and Romans adopted the term to describe a variety of people, many of whom were pastoralists.

    Today, the word sabine is still used to describe people from the cities of Troy and Sardis, as well as other Mediterranean cities.

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