What is another word for sables?

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Sables are a type of fur-bearing animal, but the word sable has come to represent more than just an animal's pelt. As a noun, a sable can also be a brush with hairs made from the sable animal, used in art and makeup application. As an adjective, sable can mean dark or black in color. Other synonyms for sable include ebony, jet-black, and pitch-black. Additionally, the word can be used to describe a person with dark hair or complexion, or a noble coat of arms featuring a sable-colored shield. So, while sables may be a particular animal, its meaning and uses have expanded over time.

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    How to use "Sables" in context?

    Sables, also known as black coats, are a type of fur coat with a very dense undercoat. They are usually a medium-to-dark brown, with black tips on the hair to provide contrast.

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