What is another word for sacred?

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Sacred is a word used to describe something that is holy, divine, or revered. There are many synonyms for sacred, each with its own nuanced meaning. For example, the word "hallowed" suggests that something is deserving of worship and respect. The word "sacrosanct" means something that should never be violated or profaned. "Reverent" suggests a sense of deep respect and admiration. Other synonyms for sacred include "consecrated," "sanctified," "devout," "blessed," and "sainted." These words all convey a sense of something that is respected, revered, and often tied to religious or spiritual beliefs.

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How to use "Sacred" in context?

The word sacred has a lot of different meanings. It can refer to things that are considered important or important to a culture or religion. It can also refer to something that is considered to have special powers or connections.

Sacred sites are places where important religious ceremonies or rituals are performed. Some of the most famous sacred sites are the temples in ancient Greece and Rome. These sites were considered to be very important because they were the places where the gods were worshiped.

Other places that are considered to be sacred can be places where important historical events happened or places that are associated with important figures or traditions in a culture.

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