What is another word for sadistically?

Pronunciation: [sɐdˈɪstɪkli] (IPA)

Sadistically is an adverb that describes behavior characterized by cruelty or pleasure in causing pain or suffering to others. There are several synonyms for the word sadistically that can be used in different contexts to convey the same meaning. Some of the synonyms for sadistically include ruthlessly, excessively, viciously, brutally, cruelly, inhumanly, savagely, mercilessly, and ferociously. These words can be used to describe actions or behaviors that are intended to cause physical or emotional harm to others. Depending on the context, they can also be used to describe conduct that is insensitive, callous, or heartless. Using these synonyms can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of communication in different situations.

Usage examples for Sadistically

Making a mental adjustment to his surroundings took no more time than opening his eyes; he'd been dreaming Dr. McAllen had dropped him into a snake pit and was sadistically dangling a rope twelve feet above his head, inviting him to climb out.
"Gone Fishing"
James H. Schmitz
He smiled-rather sadistically, Trigger felt-and added, "Till they've lived through one of them, that is."
James H Schmitz

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