What is another word for saliva?

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Saliva is a naturally occurring fluid that is produced in our mouth. It is an important part of our digestive system and helps in breaking down the food we eat. However, there are many other names for saliva that we can use in our daily conversations. Some of the synonyms for saliva include spit, drool, slobber, dribble, mouth-water, expectoration, slaver, and spittle. These words can be used interchangeably to describe the same fluid produced in our mouths. So, the next time you need an alternative word for saliva, try using one of these synonyms instead.

How to use "Saliva" in context?

Saliva is a fluid released from the mouth in response to irritation, such as tasted food, dental plaque, or infection. Saliva lubricates the mouth and helps in the breakdown of food. Saliva also contains antibodies, enzymes, and bacteriostats that protect the teeth.

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