What is another word for salp?

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A salp is a small, barrel-shaped, gelatinous sea creature that belongs to the tunicate family. Some synonyms for salp include jellyfish, sea jelly, sea blubber, and zooplankton. Salps are filter feeders and can be found in both surface and deep sea waters. Other similar sea creatures include siphonophores, ctenophores, and comb jellies. Salps are an important food source for many sea animals such as sea turtles, fish, and whales. They also play a significant role in the ocean's food chain and help to regulate the planet's carbon cycle. Despite their small size, salps have a significant impact on marine ecosystems.

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    Salpingitis is an infection of the male reproductive system. It is caused by the Salpingoeca ovis (the sheep kidney worm) or S. variolosa (the cat brushworm). Symptoms may include fever, chills, pain when pressing on the abdomen, and a discharge from the penis or anus. Treatment includes antibiotic.

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