What is another word for salutary?

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Salutary, an adjective that means "promoting health or well-being," also has synonyms that can further enrich one's vocabulary. Alternatives to salutary include beneficial, advantageous, favorable, propitious, wholesome, healthy, and helpful. The word "beneficial" emphasizes the advantageous aspects of something, while "advantageous" emphasizes the positive results that something can bring. "Favorable" suggests a situation that is conducive to success, while "propitious" implies that a situation is particularly fitting with a particular set of circumstances. "Wholesome" suggests something that is healthy for the body and mind, while "healthy" denotes wellbeing in general. Lastly, "helpful" emphasizes the support and assistance that something can provide. Overall, these synonyms can provide a variety of contexts to use the word "salutary".

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How to use "Salutary" in context?

Salutary is a welcomed word. It is uplifting and reassuring. It says, "I am here to help you." It can be a word used in the morning to greet someone or a word used to say goodbye. It is a word that can be used in many situations, both big and small. It can be used to tell someone that you see them as worth acknowledging, or to tell someone that you are glad they are in your life.

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