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The word "sane" means to be mentally healthy and stable. Synonyms for this word include "sound," "rational," "reasonable," and "balanced." Other similar words include "sensible," "coherent," "logical," "clear-headed," and "sober-minded." These words describe someone who is able to think and act in a positive and constructive manner, making sound decisions based on rational thinking and a clear head. In contrast to these words, antonyms for "sane" include "insane," "unstable," "unreasonable," and "irrational," which describe individuals who are unable to think or act in a consistent, logical manner.

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How to use "Sane" in context?

There is no universally agreed definition of what it means to be "sane." However, most would agree that someone who is sane is in a good mental state. They are able to think logically and objectively, and are not affected by impulsive behaviors or emotions.

Being sane can be a key factor in a person's overall well-being. It can allow them to be productive members of society, and it can protect them from harm.

There are a number of things that can lead to a person becoming sanity- impaired. chronic mental illnesses, head injuries, and substance abuse can all cause significant impairment.

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