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Sash weight refers to a device used to counterbalance a window sash, which is a frame enclosing the glass in a window. Some synonyms used for sash weight include counterweight, balance weight, and weight block. These terms denote a weight used to counteract the weight of a sash and enable the opening and closing of the window with ease. Other synonyms include pulley weight, cord weight, and window weight. These weights were traditionally used in older windows, and they were replaced with spring balances in modern windows. Regardless of the term used, sash weights remain an essential component that ensures windows function smoothly and remain securely balanced.

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How to use "Sash weight" in context?

When it comes to curtains, every inch counts. That is why it is important to know the weight of a curtain's sash. There are three main types of sash - a French, a Roman, and a valance. The weight of a French sash is typically heavier than that of a Roman or valance, which is because the French sash is wider than the other two. In general, a French sash weight is between 18 and 22 pounds, a Roman between 12 and 16 pounds, and a valance between 6 and 10 pounds.

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