What is another word for satire?

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[ sˈata͡ɪ͡ə], [ sˈata‍ɪ‍ə], [ s_ˈa_t_aɪə]

Satire is a literary genre that uses irony, sarcasm, and wit to criticize and expose the flaws of individuals, societies, and institutions. Some synonyms for satire include parody, caricature, lampoon, burlesque, and spoof. Parody involves imitating or mimicking a certain style or work for comic effect. Caricature involves exaggerating the physical or personality traits of a person or group. Lampoon involves ridiculing a person or group through written or spoken language. Burlesque involves a humorous and nonsensical treatment of a serious subject. Spoof involves a mocking imitation or parody of a popular cultural phenomenon. These synonyms all share the common purpose of highlighting societal or personal flaws through humor and ridicule.

Synonyms for Satire:

How to use "Satire" in context?

Satire is a form of literature that uses humor and satire to expose society's flaws and hypocrisies. It is a popular form of writing in ancient and modern times, and can be found in works of literature, theater and journalism. Satire is often used to criticize the powerful or to make light of serious issues.

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