What is another word for satori?

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Satori is a term that originated from Zen Buddhism, which refers to the experience of sudden enlightenment. There are many synonyms for satori, such as awakening, realization, illumination, enlightenment, and insight. These words all describe the same profound experience that results in a moment of clarity, a deeper understanding of the self, and the universe. Other synonyms for satori include epiphany, revelation, gnosis, and Aha moment. These words all capture the essence of satori and the moment when everything falls into place, leading to a profound shift in perception and awareness. Overall, satori is a powerful experience that can transform one's life forever.

How to use "Satori" in context?

Satori is a Japanese word meaning enlightenment or realization. It can refer to moments of sudden insight or understanding, or to a permanent change in the way one sees the world.

The word has been used to describe a number of experiences and states of mind, including enlightenment of the soul, apotheosis, and breakthrough.

When attained, satori can trigger a profound transformation in the experiencer, often leading to a more enlightened, peaceful, and contented life.

Satori is often associated with Zen Buddhism, but can also be found in other Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions.

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