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[ ˌɛssˈiː], [ ˌɛssˈiː], [ ˌɛ_s_s_ˈiː]

"Sc" is an abbreviation or code used to represent different things in different contexts. However, some synonyms for the word "sc" include: 1. Subcutaneous: Referring to the tissue beneath the skin's surface. 2. Scale: A measurement system used to determine the size or magnitude of something. 3. Screenplay: A script written for a movie or television show. 4. Score: A numerical system used to evaluate academic or athletic performance. 5. Science: A field of study that explores the natural world through observation and experimentation. These are just a few examples of synonyms for the word "sc" that can be used in different contexts depending on the situation.

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    When you scrabble for words, it's important to keep your letters in order. This process is called scoring, and it's how you ensure that your words make sense.

    For example, scrabble the word "legs" and you'll see that the "g" appears before the "e" and the "s" appears after the "c". This is because the "g" goes at the front of the "e" and the "s" goes at the back.

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        STC, HC.
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        STC, HC.
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        STC, HC.
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