What is another word for scallop?

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Scallop is a word that usually refers to the edible bivalve mollusk found in the sea. However, it can also be used to describe a decorative border or curved edge on fabric or other materials. There are several synonyms for the word scallop, including clam, conch, and cockle. These words are all used to refer to similar types of bivalve mollusks that are prized for their tender and flavorful meat. In the context of fabrics and other materials, synonyms for scallop include flounce, frill, and ruffle. These words describe decorative edges that have a wavy, flowing appearance.

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    Scallops are a variety of bivalve mollusk with a two-chambered shell. They dwell at the bottom of the ocean and feed on small invertebrates. Many scallops are sold fresh, frozen, or canned.

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